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self portrait painting

Inspiring Artists: Lesson Four

Your child will look at the self-portraits by Vincent Van-Gough. They will use these as inspiration to paint their own self-portraits.


We help Home Ed families by covering a critical portion of the U.K. national curriculum for Year One and Year Two.

Hands-On Home-Ed provides educators with practical and fun activities. We encourage children to learn through experience.

This "learn by doing" approach allows children to develop skills and meet curriculum standards by playing, exploring, experimenting and drawing.


All Hands-On Home-Ed activities fulfil the new curriculum standards in the following subjects:

  • Art & Design
  • Design & Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • bark rubbing activity

    Plants: Lesson Seven

    Your child will identify the trunk of trees as part of its structure. By rubbing the bark they will explore a new art technique in creating textures and patterns.
    grouping materials photo

    Exploring Materials: Lesson One

    By handling a range of objects your child will identify the materials from which they are made. They will notice the similarities in the way the material feels and looks. They will sort the objects into groups.


    By becoming a member you will be able to access the curriculum checklist. Just tick the activities your child has completed and the checklist will show all the standards your child has met.

    You can purchase the Year One or Year Two Hands-On Home-Ed Curriculum and receive:

  • Access to all your chosen years Lesson Plans and Worksheets
  • Step by step activity plans and resources
  • Access to the curriculum checklist

    Hands-on Home Ed is a practical curriculum created by home educator and former teacher, Jeanie Fair. To ensure all the activities are at a realistic and appropriate level for children she continues to research and devise enjoyable hands on activities with her own family.

    The site will launch with a complete Year One and Year Two this Autumn.Please note, each year will require a separate easy to cancel auto-renew subscription. And a store will also be in place for hard copies of all the lesson plans and worksheets.

    bark rubbing activity

    Seasons: Lesson Two

    Your child will observe the changes in the seasons by finding different nature items throughout the year. They will notice how their display changes according to the season they are in.

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